how to build links for influence infographic

The decent way to build links for influence tactics to increase in your sales and search engine rankings as results. Here are some proven strategies to consider for building high authority links.

Create High Quality Content/Media

Content is the key, creating a high quality, unique and original content get the maximum response which supports backlink creation. In online marketing quality content, creative and meaningful images/media gives people the reason to get linked to you.

Send to Your Email List

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get share and traffic to your blog/websites. Build a bigger email list and ask people if they would share/refer your content/media on their Blog. (Infographics works very well in email marketing!)

Do Some Competitors Research

By doing some competitors research you can find out a lot about your competitors and their marketing strategy. Make a record of your competitor’s backlinks using tools like Majestic SEO and keep an eye on their URL Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Go to Social Media & Reverse Engineering

Nowadays, we are all aware that social media has had a great impact on our culture, in business. Social media is playing a major part in marketing strategy. We have to find new ways (like reverse engineering) to take advantage of the consumer’s ability to communicate online. For example go to Twitter and find the people person who is very active on social media, sharing content similar to yours, add them to your blog list.

Repeat the Method

Create bigger lists and do it again with new content and media using this easy follow-up tactics to maximize the results.

Watch Results!

Increase in your Sales & Search Engine Rankings as a Results!


Creativity and consistency using this tactics will give you best positive results!




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