Improve Customer’s Satisfaction and Increase Your Business’s Revenue in 2020

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Normally, you will find that a webmaster is too engrossed to building the website until they can’t notice any relevant changes that should be done to improve it. This is especially the case where the revenue is concerned. It’s hard to gauge how much more revenue your business will earn by improving a certain aspect.

Nevertheless, there is a general consensus that a good website that has been designed by a professional and which receives regular upgrades improves the revenue of a business. Bottom line is that the satisfaction of the customer leads to higher traffic which consequently leads to higher revenue. Here are some factors that you should check to ensure that your website is performing at its optimal level so as to increase revenue.


Customers tend to have a pattern that they follow before they purchase something or before they abandon the whole purchasing process. By closely monitoring your website, you will find that there are stages where customers abandon the purchasing path and there are those that seem to nudge them forth.

You don’t want to have a stage in the purchasing path that sheds customers, but rather one that attracts more on board. The stages that seem to be shedding customers might be doing so because the customer journey towards getting the product or service is awfully long and complicated. It could also be that your call for action is not persuasive enough. By ironing out the issues along the customer purchase journey, you stand to get more customers buying your products.


More often than not, you will realize that SEO is the one primary area that you must invest in if your website is to be ranked highly. By using the organic optimization means of your website, you are simply enhancing your website’s visibility. Increase website traffic 2017 by using SEO strategy which has been proven to work for many businesses. If you have the right keywords, quality content and high-quality backlinks, your website will definitely be indexed well and it will be ranked high in the search engine result pages. As it so happens, a highly ranked website gets more visitors who are more likely to buy because of the high-quality content it has and the marketing strategy that you have employed.


It is almost inevitable for the small and medium-sized businesses to advertise their products and services using paid search campaign option. When a customer clicks on the advert, they are supposed to be directed to a landing page and not your home page. A landing page is where the customer gets all the information they need to know about the product or service that they are interested in. It is also the landing page that should persuade the customer to actually take the final step of purchasing the products. When they have finally decided to purchase, they will be led to the official page where they will pay and the delivery of the product or service agreed upon.


The paid search campaign that you conduct has a lot of variables. If your site is not SEO optimized, you will definitely need to work hard to ensure that you have paid adverts that are effective. Your search engine marketing team should ensure that the keywords that they pick are appropriate.

You don’t want a vague keyword that leads a person who wants to buy a ‘dog’ ending up on your page which sells ‘dog food’. Such a mistake will be bad for the customer and yourself as you will have lost a click if you are using PPC. With the paid search campaign, the whole idea is to drive more potential customers to your site. It is therefore important to have the perfect keywords that will drive only the right customers to your page.


The good thing about having repeat customers to your website is that they are free. You will not have worked for them to return. They will come back because of the satisfaction they got from buying from you’re the first time. If therefore, you are able to optimize the satisfaction that a customer gets from buying a product or service from you, then chances are you will have return customers. In order to maintain first-time customers as repeat customers, you will need to estimate and know when next they will need your service or similar services. The customer will hate searching again and you will have sure revenue. Even though it’s not an increase in website traffic 2020 strategy, it sure is a way to retain the numbers that you already have.


Have as many links as possible, which lead back to your website. However, such links will need to be containing content that is informative rather than advertising in nature. This is because customers are more likely to visit a site where they will learn about what they want and then deciding for themselves. Using backlinks has been proved to increase revenue in many instances.


Your social media account should be optimized so that it gets you more clients. Millions of people are using social media daily and this means that if you are keen enough to put relevant and strategic hyperlinks on the page, you will have an increased flow of traffic which will definitely lead to more revenue for your business.

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