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Google’s Hummingbird – What Do You Really Need to Know

Over the last few months when worldwide SEO and digital marketing crowd was almost on the edge to find a solution of Google’s Panda and Penguin, the search engine giant has silently updated its algorithm for yet another time, with the name” Hummingbird”- assumed to be the biggest change to Google’s algorithm in last most of the years.

While this devastating turn-around, which is going to affect more than 90 percent of worldwide search results, has been put-in by its masters to better searchers’ searching experience by providing more precise and refined result, Hummingbird has become a sudden reason of huge worries, fears and doubts for global SEO community. How this new buzz of Google will affect website ranking and sale? What will be the future of digital marketing from here? A plenty of questions have emerged with this new announcement. Here in this article, we have tried to give answers of some of the most wearisome questions of them.

The Difference between Hummingbird and Panda and Penguin

Hummingbird is the newest set of Google’s search algorithm, and indeed different from the past few algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin which have been the biggest topic of gossips amidst webmasters in most of last year. But, this all is happening for some good reason.

While the Panda was rolled out to make digital space free from over-performing websites consisting poor quality of content and details, Penguin was stirred-in to punish websites with spam content and toxic links. And now, Hummingbird algorithm is intended to move the shift from keyword-based search to semantic search by eliminating the continuous trend of organic keyword data. Algorithm masters at Google have tried to place-in numerous crucial elements and points that they learned through Panda and Penguin in their new Hummingbird update. As a result, searchers will now have a more précised and rapid search experience (just like a Hummingbird), and this is exactly what Google wants- give the best and most reliable results possible.

You may also want to know whether Panda and Penguin are now dead or still working. The answer is, no, they are still functioning, but to an extent. This recent update in algorithm has arrived as a stride from the Google’s webmasters looking forward to change the current single query-single result tradition to a conversational semantic search experience. That means the search engine will have to recognize the typical connections between different theories based on each and every word put-in by the searcher in order to find genuine results.

How Will Hummingbird Affect Your Site

Its’ been more than a month now since Google announced its newest Hummingbird algorithm. So, it clearly indicates that the preliminary influence has already started to impact traffic to your website and search engine rankings. And, as an obvious result, most of the webmasters, digital marketers and entrepreneurs probably have just questions on their minds: how will it affect my business? And, what should I do now? However, there is no need to worry. If you have long been putting-in genuine optimizing and SEO techniques at your own or with the help of SEO experts at Dynastic Tech, in regards to Panda and Penguin, and receiving good results, you shouldn’t bother much. and your site will continue to get appropriately fine rankings rise and increment in traffic.

What will be The Future of SEO from Here?

Google has reportedly announced that Hummingbird is the biggest fix to its search engine results, impacting more than 90% global searches. So, it is pretty obvious that we will witness an abstruse ranking fluctuation very soon. Consequently, worldwide webmasters and digital marketers are extremely curious to know its foreseeable influence to the future of Google searches and how this newest algorithm update will impact SEO in the big picture in future?

Therein, here are our robust guesses, based on everything we have observed and taught from Google in the nearby history, and what the industry leaders are saying:

Just like the recent past, especially after Panda and Penguin, quality and knowledgeable content will unquestionably continue to be one of the biggest game-changers for the websites. Despite many rumors of the contrary, relevancy and reliability of the content, brand image, and websites’ content popularity are the other factors that will undoubtedly continue to leave its significant impacts over the game of page rankings. Meanwhile, a website’s trustworthiness and good reputation will definitely continue to bring fine results for it in rankings. Nevertheless the ways this giant search engine has long been determining websites’ credibility and popularity are sure to increase, and people will literally see a new era of social profile and sharing, content marketing, natural link building, genuine bookmarking, authentic submission of high quality press releases, and ultimate blogging, as the major online visibility booster components. Here Read in depth the experts’ views

Effect on Content Marketing

From a very long time, Google has consistently shown its support and affection to quality and relevant content, and effects of Hummingbird are no different.

While Google has initiated the age of semantic search over traditional keywords with the introduction of Hummingbird, the value of content marketing has gone higher than ever. Removing the concept of organic search keywords data, the search engine has made it pretty clear that we, as marketers, have to understand the questions a searcher have or may have later regarding a product or service, not keywords. Therefore, generating quality content to serve relevant, efficient and meaningful answers will be more likely to shape your success.

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