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Secrets to Get in a Win Win Position over Twitter

With its public debut on Wall Street reportedly on last Wednesday evening, micro blogging site Twitter has yet again reignited interests of thousands of thousands business owners around the glove looking who have long been thinking to gain maximum from it.

Twitter is indeed one of the strongest networking platforms today, and global businesses are having a close eye to make best use of it. This is obvious. With few clicks the micro blogging site empowers companies of all sizes to connect with some of the biggest consumer communities and associates in their niche.

So, what’s the Big Deal?

Showcasing an appropriate and effective image in front of customers has long been a severe challenge for businesses targeting a higher rate of growth. May be the journey has become a bit shorter with the advancement in technology, but it is still not an easy task. And, presenting your commercial dedication, commitment, experience, and all the things you have in your basket for the consumer in just 140 characters or less can be a tough task. So, as a business, you definitely need to learn how to make the best use of Twitter.

Of course, points to keep in mind when using Twitter are endless. But here, we have round up four quick points that can help you achieve your targets more easily.

Present Yourself Like a Pro: Your online profile will be going to leave the first impression of you. So, before thinking about anything else, construct an impressive and striking Twitter profile. Formula as it sounds is that start thinking of your business as more than just a common seller; think like as a brand.

First, choose an ideal name for your account, or simply go with your brand name. If your brand name is slightly longer or you aren’t comfortable using it, a nickname is not an issue. However, make sure you are picking something extremely suitable. Now, you require a profile picture. You can choose your brand logo for it, or pick a picture that clearly describes your commercial goals. Try to keep it unchanged as followers often recognize brands through their pictures only. If you are changing your profile picture continuously, your followers can feel problems in recognizing you. This can result in a low hype or lesser view of your tweets.

At Twitter, users get the chance to have a personalized background. Do not let this opportunity slip by and give a healthy backdrop to your profile by adding your website address, business information, contact details, and other useful information like a URL to your Facebook account or any other. Avoid funny pictures, dull links and doltish retweets over your profile page.

Enhance Your Network: Now, it’s time to reach out to the customers. Make as many connections as you can. Follow people, and whenever you see someone following you, send a quick and pleasant greeting, like “Thanks for following us and always feel free to get in touch with us”. This approach will get your brand over their tongues for future reference. Meanwhile, don’t forget your competitors’ Twitter page. See what different they are doing to expend their networks. If you come across a different strategy that you think is much effective and proficient, there is no harm to use it for your own. But, with some changes!

Furthermore, there are numerous websites that can help you find the proper crowd to target, like Using such websites, you can find accurate set of users with particular interests and significance.

Tweet Carefully: Make sure you are going to post nothing that you doubt and think can ruin any part of the good exposure and connections you’ve gained. Avoid posting random links to Oscar Wardrobe malfunction shots, and like that. You have stepped into professional world and each of your moves here should give a shadow of your business. And, absolutely like in real life, you must learn to mix business with intelligence and brain over Twitter.

Occasionally Promotion: It’s important to get your saying in front of the people you want as a digital marketer. Make a point to link out to the services you are offering, products, achievement, customer testimonials, and anything else to prove your position in the industry. Don’t be afraid to ask your existing customer to give feedback over your Twitter page. It could even make you a more reliable and accountable leader ahead of others in the market.

However, you need to do this in a very restricted manner. Don’t make every single tweet about how affordable services you are providing or how your products are superior to your competitors. Don’t constantly try to throw your visibility on to the face of your followers, let them have their own choice and judgment.

Connect to Your Customers: Engage your customer in business by attractive proposals and plans, it’s an effective trick here over Twitter. Ask them to share their experiences, queries, feedbacks, appreciation, and anything else they have to say about you and your offerings. If a person makes a comment or posts, let them know how you feel. If you find the information beneficial, retweet it and share it with your followers.

Don’t Just Tweet, Communicate: A successful Twitter account for a business is what sets up a proper communicating environment for. To accomplish it, businesses should always be open to getting healthily in touch with consumers, even if they don’t necessarily have the interests in their offerings and plans. It’s pretty difficult to identify a potential consumer over Twitter. So, you just have to pay crucial attention to every single visitor, from a simple user commenting LOLs on your tweets to someone who is frequently retweeting your tweets.

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