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SEO & PPC: Mixing Together To Get Great Traffic

SEO & PPC. Allies or enemies? And which one truly is more successful in an online promotion strategy? The fact is that they are not just allies but “co-workers” also, and one is not essentially more successful than the other. Both have different functions but working jointly they create cooperation not possible the same as two free parts.

PPC is out of the ordinary because you can be happy and going in a matter of time. SEO, from another point of view, is more of a long standing asset that requires some time and endurance to ultimately start paying back. When you make good organic marketing through your SEO campaign however, the return on invested capital can be quite amazing. Even while you do accomplish top natural rankings, this still doesn’t imply you should only stop your PPC promotion with everything considered. There are a number of real benefits to keep both a powerful PPC and SEO strategy together as described below.

1. The Best Keywords

PPC is a great laboratory for keywords to use in your SEO strategy that you will soon use. You can set up more than a few PPC ads and use a number of particular keyword phrases to check which ones not only take visitors to your website, but truly convert them to customer. With these facts, you can then use only the top converting keywords for your SEO strategy. It needs much time, hard work, and money as well to position a specific keyword in the first page of Google search results, so you would like to ensure you’re using the most excellent keywords as much as possible before you initiate your SEO strategy or target fresh keywords in your recent SEO strategy. Read more – The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

2. Higher Clicking Rates & Conversions

When sites sooner or later get top organic ranking, there is a general direction most site owners use to cut down on PPC expenses since they think they’ll get the desired clicks from the organic results anyhow. However, studies reveal that the full performance from both has more worth than the one part. Otherwise stated, the extra benefits of using PPC and organic marketing together is more than only PPC cost. For example, has #1 rank in Google search results for the keyword ‘hotels’, but also has the top position in the paid search competition.

When your PPC and organic listings become visible together on the similar search page, visitors tend to have more confidence in your website, and they will be more likely to visit your website. And once they visit, there is a more chance that they will truly convert to customers & sales as well because you will start noticing a minor improvement in reliability. They already found you as an well-known presence in that specific market.

3. Build Brand Identification & Confidence

When your website starts showing in more than one search engine’ result page, you will start to develop brand identification and achieve consumers’ confidence.

4. Overcome the Competition

When you start to achieve a strong existence in PPC and organic results together, your competitive will try to achieve any considerable share of the market, and while you ultimately rule over both the PPC and organic market, you may wonderfully overcome your main part of online competitors.

5. More Data to Examine

If you have both organic and PPC plans running at the same time, you will get more data to investigate, to make skilled and insightful modifications, and then get the most out of them.

6. Target the Best Converting Ad

As you examine your PPC strategy, you can find out which ad is offering the most excellent click through rate then you will be able to select the most excellent title tags and write Meta descriptions for your SEO promotion. The great aspect regarding PPC ads is that you can find out much fast what ad will work the best.

Focus on that title tag is a main search engine ranking aspect, so ensure to use your main keywords in the title tags. Meta descriptions moreover, are not a cognitive factor in organic ranking, so you can write your Meta descriptions any way.

7. Improve Adwords Performance

A page that is optimized for SEO as it should be must help in improving your Adwords performance for your desired pages. It will help in improving PPC performance as well for your ads and less cost per click.

8. Keep Improving Site Traffic

When you start a new website, it may need one or two months for search engines to have their confidante back on your new stuff. A PPC promotion can help keep improving traffic to your website throughout this period of time and help gain authority to your site once more. Raising PPC cost can also provide back the loosing traffic because of a Google algorithm updates. In certain cases, the PPC cost for some keywords just rise to much, then you can focus more on your SEO campaign for your keywords to cut back your PPC cost.

9. Try to Overcome Competitor’s Brand Keyword

To overcome your competitor’ brand keyword, it is better to use PPC campaign than SEO. Because if you try with SEO campaign then you need more time and money. Value to your brand over competitor one so than user can have more trust on your brand.

What other benefits do you experience for implementing SEO and PPC campaign together?

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